Miami Hotspots: Things to Do in the Magic City

There’s no denying that Miami is regarded as one of the hottest cities (both literally and figuratively) in the United States. From the nightlife to eclectic art galleries, there is much more to do than simply relax on the beach, though that is always an option for those that love spending time under the sun.

The Magic City is well known for its colorful flair and Art Deco buildings, which embody the city’s diverse culture and individuality. Admiring this architecture is an event in itself, but failing to explore all of Miami would be unfortunate. Below are some of the most unique things to do and see that only Miami has to offer.


While every major city in the United States has some sort of museum, few have one as amazing as the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Great for children and families, the enormous campus includes an aquarium, planetarium, and interactive exhibits. Frost Science even has late-night events for adults, including extended viewing hours accompanied by live music and cocktails.

Another visually stunning museum paying homage to the Italian Renaissance is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. As the name suggests, Vizcaya features an array of beautiful gardens and flowers, as well as European antiques dating back to the 16th century. This museum is also a popular venue for weddings and portraits.

Little Havana

Many cities have their own variations of Chinatown embodying Asian culture within their borders, but only Miami has Little Havana; the city’s “heart of Cuba” as many have come to know it as. The cultural influence Cuba has had on the city of Miami is enormous, and Little Havana is a beautiful manifestation of just that. Admire the Mediterranean-style architecture along Calle Ocho (southwest 8th street), which includes Domino Park and a plethora of traditional Latin music.

The food of Little Havana speaks for itself. Delicious traditional Cuban recipes can be found in restaurants throughout the neighborhood, such as Cubano sandwiches, Medianoche, and Cuban sugar cookies.

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How to Get the Most When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is never an easy task. It can be a truly daunting experience for an individual who may not be as well versed in the nuances of real estate. Most people’s overall goal is to sell their homes for as much profit as possible, and failing to understand the basics will only prevent you from doing so. In Miami specifically, the housing market shuffles from time to time, so knowing what to do and how to do it when selling is crucial.

The first step in selling your home is attracting potential buyers, thus stressing the importance of curb appeal. First impressions are vital in nearly every social situation. Selling a home is no exception. Have a trusted real estate agent tour your home to give you their opinion of what could work, what may need some improvement, and what your best strategies are. Most of this requires little to no money being spent, but rather an expert opinion. Trust your agent that he or she know the best ways to boost your house’s curb appeal. Take advantage of a spacious lawn or garden, and boost the visual aspect as much as possible.

Avoid renovating or adding new, luxurious features to your home just before putting it on the market. While this can create for a more visually appealing feature, the chances of recouping that investment are slim. For example, remodeling your kitchen because it is outdated in your eyes can be costly in a financial sense, as well as potentially losing a sale. Updating certain areas for your home can be taken differently by a buyer depending on his or her taste. A new countertop with dark granite can be appealing to one person, and unattractive to another.

Keep it simple. A cluttered home is one that will surely be seen as a fix-me-up by those looking to buy, and also hides the natural build of the house itself. Before listing your home as open and ready for potential buyers, always clean as much as you can. Make your home look spacious. If this requires you to rent a storage unit in order to rid your home of unnecessary items and clutter, so be it. A beautiful home is one that will sell.


Repair anything that is broken in your home. This is an obvious consideration when trying to sell. Most homeowners only pay attention to visual aspects, like cracks or holes in a wall, chipped paint, etc., but make sure door hinges are working properly, sinks and faucets run smoothly, and every light bulb is at full capacity. Though this shouldn’t require too much money spent, pay attention to how much you spend and incorporate that in your asking price. Displaying to potential buyers that you put effort into your home builds confidence and a better chance of selling at or very close to your original asking price.

Much like curb appeal, your home should have an inviting look when people step through the door. This all comes down to cleaning and preparation. What caught your eye when you initially purchased this house? Accentuate all of its best features. Set up your dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen as if you were hosting several (wealthy) guests.

One thing to take into consideration is that hosting an open house does not necessarily equate to a faster sale. If anything, open houses every week and add to the already stressful process of trying to sell your home. Look into holding individual tours. Not only does this separate interested buyers from window shoppers, but it allows you time to prepare beforehand without enduring the stress of large groups of people entering your home at any given time.

Never try and rush to sell your home. Just because certain seasons are said to be the best times of year to sell a home does not necessarily mean that they are the right times for you. Spring and summer are supposedly the most popular times to buy a home due to families waiting until their children’s school years are over, but think of how populated the market is becoming with millennials. 59% of millennials are single and have never been married, meaning that if they are searching for a home, the time of year is most likely the least of their worries. Regardless of the season, put your home up for sale when you are ready to do so.

Selling your home is no easy task, but following the proper procedures and working closely with a real estate broker can make the process much less troublesome. Strategies in making your home “sellable” will vary, but consider all of the aforementioned approaches in order to show how valuable your home truly is.

Why a Miami Condo Should Be Your Next Vacation Home

Deciding where to spend your time away from home can be overwhelming given the vastness of our planet, and the amount of scenic locations reachable via plane. One solution to this relatively nice problem to have is buying a vacation home yourself. For those looking to spend their vacations somewhere that combines city life with beaches and comfort, look no further than Miami.

Condominiums throughout Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Brickell, and Edgewater (just to name a few) provide guests with incredible views and a tropical environment in the heart of downtown areas. These locations are especially sought after for couples or families looking to escape the cold of winter should they call the northern states their homes. With that said, the city itself is very family-oriented due to the diversity in age.

The entire state of Florida is seen as one of the top locations for vacation condos in the United States, with many of those numbers coming from overseas buyers. Whether you are looking for a small, single-bedroom unit, or a luxury condo large enough to house extended family members, Miami has everything on both sides of the spectrum.

Miami’s real estate market specifically has seen a spike in sales in recent years due to improve infrastructure and quality of life. Another huge benefit is the fact that there is no state income tax, allowing investors to profit greatly.

What many people may find comforting is the lack of outdoor maintenance that comes with a Miami condo. Either located in landscaped lots or high rise buildings, homeowners need not worry about routine maintenance that would come with a suburban home in New York, for example. The only slight accommodation for this is a slightly higher condo fee.

Many condominiums are extremely similar to tropical resorts, in that they come with pools, gyms, spas, and lounging areas for all guests to enjoy. If you’d prefer to spend a day not venturing around the city, most condos come with the amenities to entertain you for hours. In addition to this, valet services and around-the-clock security may be included to easy any existing stress.
A condo in Miami is surely one of the most luxurious vacation spots you can find in the United States, and with all the added benefits that come with one, why not consider taking that first step forward? If you are interested in doing so, visit my site for more.

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